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Crisscross Table Topper

Electrify the muted colors of "Plush Posies" like quilt tester Laura Boehnke did using Sue Zipkin's Samba collection for Clothworks. The solid outer border in Laura's version has the illusion of piecing, thanks to a fabric made up of multiple "print" squares.

By using just four blocks and borders, Laura created a 35-3/4"- square piece. Use it for a birthday party as a table topper.


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Assemble Blocks

1. Referring to Diagram 6, lay out one each of segments A, C, and D; two each of segments B and E; and two purple tone-on-tone 2-1/2" squares in diagonal rows.

2. Join rows to make a block. Press seams toward outer rows.

TIP: When joining segments, designer Dodi Lee Poulsen suggests using a positioning pin. With right sides together, push a pin vertically through the intersection of the seam at the seam line. Continue pushing pin through bottom block, lining up the 1/4" seam lines. Keep the pin standing straight up so that the fabrics won’t shift. Pin on either side of the positioning pin to hold the fabrics together. Remove the positioning pin. As you sew, remove each pin as it nears the needle.

3. Referring to Diagram 7, trim block 1/4" beyond points of squares. The block should be 11-7/8" square including seam allowances.

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 to make four blocks total.