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Carolina Lily Tabletop Quilt

Combine pieced flowers with machine-appliquéd stems and leaves in a tiny quilt. Fabrics are from the Oasis collection by Three Sisters Fabric for Moda Fabrics.


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Assemble Stem Units

1 Fold under 1/4" along each long edge of light turquoise plaid 7/8x9-1/2" bias strip; press to make a 3/8"-wide stem appliqué. Repeat with light turquoise plaid 7/8x5" and 7/8x3-1/2" bias strips to make remaining stem appliqués.

2. Lay one end of a stem appliqué diagonally across right side of a tan tone-on-tone 1-3/4" square, extending stem beyond a corner of the square (Diagram 1). Baste about 1" of stem appliqué in place to make a stem unit. Repeat with remaining stem appliqués to make three stem units total.