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Bold Sunburst Table Runner

Use a 3-D fabric-folding technique to make stunning Sunburst blocks with ease-and with perfect points. This table runner features the Fiesta collection from Blank Quilting.


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Assemble Appliqué Continued

6. Aligning raw right-hand edges, place a folded B triangle on right side of a petal. Bottom points of pieces should meet and B triangle tip will extend beyond top edge. Lay a second petal on top of first petal, sandwiching orange print piece inside (Photo G). Sew along edge through all layers to make a petal pair. From wrong side, finger-press seam open (Photo H).

7. With right side up, place a petal pair on ironing board. Align pressed center line of B triangle with center seam of petal pair (Photo I). (Don’t worry that B triangle’s lower edge will be more than 1/4" from bottom edge of petals when pressed open—this will all be covered by a C circle appliqué.) Press with tip of iron, starting at open end of B triangle and stopping about 1" from tip. Finish pressing from wrong side to prevent B triangle from being flattened.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to make and press 24 petal pairs total.

9. Lay out eight matching petal pairs in a circle. Join petal pairs to make quarter circles, adding a folded B triangle into seam as before. Sew together quarter circles into half circles, and join half circles to make a sunburst appliqué, adding a folded B triangle into each seam. Repeat to make three sunburst appliqués total.



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