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Autumn Appliqué Table Topper

Don’t be afraid to choose a strong print or plaid as an appliqué foundation. Here, appliqués in the rich colors of the Farmhouse 2 collection by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass & Co. hold their own against a prominent gold-and-red homespun background.


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Appliqué Blocks

1. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, arrange the following on a mottled tan 11" square: one red print A piece, one blue print B circle, one gold plaid C star, four gold-and-black plaid D acorn tops, four brown plaid E acorns, and four green print F leaves.

2. When you’re pleased with the appliqué arrangement, fuse all pieces in place.

3. Using black thread, machine-blanket-stitch around each appliqué shape.

4. Centering the design, trim the appliqué foundation to 10-1/2" square including seam allowances to complete an appliquéd block.