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Autumn Appliqué Table Topper

Don’t be afraid to choose a strong print or plaid as an appliqué foundation. Here, appliqués in the rich colors of the Farmhouse 2 collection by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass & Co. hold their own against a prominent gold-and-red homespun background.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Cut border strips lengthwise (parallel to the selvages). (Download project pdf for appliqué patterns.)

To use fusible web for appliquéing, complete the following steps.

1. Lay fusible web, paper side up, over patterns. Use a pencil to trace each pattern the number of times indicated in cutting instructions, leaving 1/2" between tracings. Cut out each fusible-web shape roughly 1/4" outside traced lines.

2. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, press fusible-web shapes onto wrong side of designated fabrics; let cool. Cut out fabric shapes on drawn lines. Peel off paper backings.

From mottled tan, cut:
1—11" square (will be trimmed to correct size once appliqué is complete)

From blue print, cut:
1 of Pattern B

From gold plaid, cut:
1 of Pattern C

From gold-and-black plaid, cut:
4 of Pattern D

From red print, cut:
4—2-1/2x42" binding strips
4 of Pattern H
1 of Pattern A

From green print, cut:
4 of Pattern F

From brown plaid, cut:
4 of Pattern E
4 of Pattern G reversed

From green floral, cut:
4 of Pattern G

From purple print, cut:
4 of Pattern H reversed

From gold-and-red plaid, cut:
2—8-1/2x26-1/2" border strips

2—8-1/2x10-1/2" border strips {C}