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Appliquéd Vines and Leaves Table Runner

Appliqué vines and leaves on a solid background bordered by summer-fresh prints for a table runner fit for the season. Fabrics are from the Savannah collection by Fabri-Quilt.


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Appliqué Table Runner

1. Fold appliqué foundation in half vertically and horizontally. Press to make placement guidelines; unfold.

2. Referring to red lines on Diagram 4 and photo, use a fabric marker to draw four vine placement lines extending from the intersection of guidelines.

3. Align angled end of an A vine appliqué with horizontal pressed guideline at center of appliqué foundation (Diagram 4). Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse angled end of A vine in place. Continue to fuse remainder of A vine appliqué, holding iron in one hand and using your other hand to slowly guide vine appliqué along corresponding vine placement line. In the same manner, position and fuse a second A vine appliqué on foundation as shown.

4. Referring to Diagram 4, repeat Step 3 to fuse two B vine appliqués along remaining vine placement lines, crossing B vine appliqués over A vine appliqués as shown.

5. Referring to Diagram 5, arrange 12 leaf appliqués along A and B vines. Fuse in place.

6. Set up your machine with olive green thread and a short, narrow zigzag stitch (2.2 millimeters wide, 0.5 millimeter long). Satin-stitch edges of vine and leaf appliqués to complete table runner top.