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Appliquéd Vines and Leaves Table Runner

Appliqué vines and leaves on a solid background bordered by summer-fresh prints for a table runner fit for the season. Fabrics are from the Savannah collection by Fabri-Quilt.


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Prepare Vine Appliqués

1. Place an olive green tone-on-tone 21x25" rectangle right side up on a rotary-cutting mat. Using an acrylic ruler, measure a 45º angle from lower left-hand corner of rectangle; cut along ruler (Diagram 2).

2. Turn trimmed solid olive green piece wrong side up. Position long edge of a 2-1/2x34" fusible-web rectangle along fabric’s trimmed edge. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse in place.

3. Turn trimmed and fused solid olive green piece right side up. Trim another 1/2" from trimmed fabric edge to straighten it and make sure fusible web goes all the way to fabric edge. Measure 1-3/4" from cut edge; cut to make a 1-3/4"-wide bias strip A.

4. Referring to Diagram 2, mark ends of bias strip A 1/4" from each short corner. Draw a line between marks; cut along line to make two A vine appliqués. Peel off paper backings.

5. Measuring 45º angle from upper left-hand corner of remaining solid olive green 21x35" rectangle, repeat steps 1–3 to cut a 1-3/4"-wide bias strip B. Refer to Diagram 3 to mark dots on each short corner and cut into two B vine appliqués. Peel off paper backings.