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Star Block Quilts

Get starstruck with bright and bold quilts that highlight Star blocks and patterns using various methods and techniques.

Salute to Stars

Mix and match prints, florals, and stripes in a patriotic wall hanging. It's easy to make this quilt bigger or smaller by adding blocks to or subtracting blocks from each row.

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Flannel Stars and Trees

Trees, stars, and bow ties among assorted setting squares combine in a cozy, flannel throw.

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Salute to Stars

Mix and match prints, florals, and stripes in a patriotic wall hanging. It's easy to make this quilt bigger or smaller by adding blocks to or subtracting blocks from each row.

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Batik Triangle Stars

This bright batik wall hanging is made with just one block, but careful fabric placement creates the illusion of different blocks.

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Four-Pointed Star Chain

Create an Irish Chain effect with careful placement of the squares in the five star and four 25-Patch blocks. A two-color checkerboard border provides a neat frame to the table topper.

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Starry Irish Chain

Retro-inspired prints pop off a mottled dark brown background in a wall hanging that features Star and Irish Chain blocks.

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Six-Pointed Stars

Hand-piece a table runner using Six-Pointed Star blocks. Or, if hand stitching is not your forte, slowly machine-stitch the pieces.

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Hourglass Stars Wall Hanging

With careful fabric selection, you can highlight the quilt’s star or hourglass blocks. Fabric placement in the hourglass blocks also creates a secondary star design.

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Friendship Star Log Cabins

The vivid red points jump off the quilt while the muted gold points recede to form a single Friendship Star tabletop or wall hanging quilt.

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Floating Stars Wall Hanging

Just two blocks—a star block in two colorways and an hourglass block that gets rotated—team up in a wall hanging.

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Rail Fence & Stars

Replicate these chocolate brown stars in pieced cream backgrounds or feature your favorite lights and darks. The contrast of the light and dark fabrics allows the stars to shine.

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Mini Sawtooth Stars

Make 3"-square Sawtooth Star blocks using a traditional piecing method or the foundation-piecing pattern in a super sweet baby quilt.

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Americana Lone Star

A two-color collage of vintage postcards provides an unexpected background in the LeMoyne Star blocks and setting units. Abrupt changes from light prints to dark prints make this small Lone Star radiate.

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Little Sawtooth Stars

Play with scale and include small and medium prints in this three-color table topper.

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Star Crossed

Dark red and brown prints add weight to the borders and star block center of this quilt, while pastels add softness, creating a strong diagonal effect between the Star blocks in this wall hanging.

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Star Crib Quilt

Use a vivid stripe as the starting point for choosing colors and fabrics in this bright kid’s quilt. The result is an evening sky of bright stars.

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Crazy Stars

Fuchsia tone-on-tones set off this easy star quilt. Just layer fat quarters, cut through all of them at once, and shuffle the deck to easily create stunning stars.

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Asian Lone Star

The border blocks center squares and the large open spaces surrounding the center star are a perfect place to showcase medium- and large-scale prints.

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Annie’s Star

Strategically placed triangles create the illusion of a circle surrounding the center star. A black print with celestial motifs in blue, cranberry, and gold inspired the designer's rich color scheme.

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Star Party

Put your light and bright scraps to use in a scrappy quilt.

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Stars and Chain Wall Hanging

A subtle Irish Chain design and stand-out star blocks combine for on this wall quilt.

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Sawtooth Stars & Squares

Blend retro prints and use a solid sashing fabric to help give the eye a place to rest between blocks.

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Stars at Dusk

Begin with a monochromatic palette of browns and add a cool blue to give this table runner a serene feeling.

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American Toile

Stars emerge in the pieced sashing and extend into the pieced borders of this intricate, toile print quilt. Bursts of charm come from the background of star-within-a-star blocks.

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Lone Star & Stripes

Plaids and stripes dazzle against a navy flower-appliquéd background. Create the star’s radiating pattern with carefully planned strip-piecing, then join the star points with-in seams.

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Oh My Stars

This red, white, and blue quilt salutes summertime with two classic blocks—LeMoyne Star and Irish Chain.

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Strip of Stars

Five Evening Star blocks are framed with a neutral print, while a wide border utilizes the same bold floral as the setting triangles in this rich, dark table runner.

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Ohio Star

Members of a quilters' guild stitched the red, white, and blue blocks in this lively quilt. The lucky quilter who won all 20 Ohio Star blocks in a drawing creatively combined them with sashing.

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Four Star Wall Hanging

Machine-pieced diamonds and cool color tones gives this star quilt a modern, laid-back look for your summer quilt collection.

Scrap Showcase

Create the circular design that emerges on this scrappy quilt by pairing two blocks. It looks complex, but each unit only requires triangles and squares.

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Uneven Nine-Patch & Star

Lots of polka dots add a sense of playfulness and whimsy to this brightly colored star quilt.

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Two different stars create the twinkling effect that dances across this richly hued quit.

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Stars & Geese

Feel right at home with this wall hanging made from plaid prints. Sew three diagonal rows of inner star blocks and setting pieces together with two diagonal rows of outer star blocks and setting pieces.

Dotty Stars

Gather up all the polka dot prints you can find, then combine them to make a bright and colorful throw.

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Prickly Stars

A classic pattern yields star-studded results. Every Feathered Star block is made from different fabrics, perfect for using a multitude of scraps.

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