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Quilts with Hexagons

Hexagons are a trendy new shape! They can add a modern feel to your quilt or be used alongside classic designs. Browse our patterns that showcase these geometric shapes.

Patriotic Hexagons Table Runner

This charming patriotic table topper couples red, white, and blue prints to create a hexagonal pattern. Choose novelty firework and star prints to celebrate the season.

Get the pattern here.

Six Points Table Runner

Colorful stars arranged point-to-point form perfect hexagons in this table topper. 

Get the pattern here.

Big on Tradition

This seemingly complicated hexagon-shaped design is actually an easy-to-sew quilt. The 1930s reproduction-print throw comes together using rows of a single, four-sided trapezoid pattern.

Get the pattern here.

Twist and Turn Pillow

This hexagon pillow is a fun way to show off a traditional geometric shape. A floral print and pink ruffle add a touch of femininity to your decor.

Get the pattern here.

Fall Hexagons Bed Quilt

Fall-theme fabric arranged in rows of hexagons create an orderly (but intriguing) bed quilt.

Get the pattern here.

Three-Color Hexagon Throw

A blend of bright hues and black-and-white fabric gives the illusion of hexagons in this throw.

Get the pattern here.


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