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Wrapped Up

Craft a cuddly throw from plush fabrics, and discover an easy method that allows you to piece and quilt at the same time!


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Finish Quilt

1.    Trim batting and backing even with edges of quilt top.

2.    Join solid blue plush 2×58" binding strips with diagonal seams to make one long pieced binding strip. Trim seam allowances to 1⁄2" and finger-press open.

3.    With the wrong side inside, fold under 1" at one end of pieced binding strip and finger-press. In center of one edge of quilt, place binding strip against right side of quilt top; align raw edges and make sure nap of binding strip faces toward center of quilt. Begin sewing binding in place 2" from folded end. Sew binding in place with 1⁄2" seam. Turn binding over edge to quilt back. Turn under raw edge of binding 1⁄2" and pin to quilt back, being sure to cover stitching line. Working from the front, sew binding in place with a serpentine (wavy) or zigzag stitch.