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Wrapped Up

Craft a cuddly throw from plush fabrics, and discover an easy method that allows you to piece and quilt at the same time!


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Assemble Backing

1.    Use basting spray to adhere batting to wrong side of backing rectangle. Trim batting even with backing edges.

2.    Referring to Diagram 1, use a ruler and fine-point water-soluble marker to mark placement guidelines on batting.


Add Quilt Center

1.    Center a brown-and-white floral plush 5×25" strip on horizontal guideline, right side facing up (Diagram 2). Use basting spray to hold strip in place. Arrows on diagrams indicate the direction of nap.

2.    Place a solid blue plush 5×25" strip atop first strip, right side down. Stitch one long edge through all layers using an even-feed foot. Apply basting spray to wrong side of blue plush strip before flipping it open (this is known as a stitch-and-flip method). Finger-press seam.

3.    Repeat Step 2, alternating direction of fabric nap, to add a solid blue plush 5×25" strip to opposite long edge of brown-and-white floral plush strip.

4.    Refer to Diagram 3 and repeat steps 2 and 3, alternating direction of nap at top and bottom, to add remaining brown-and-white floral plush 5×25" strips, then solid blue plush 5×25" strips, to make quilt center. The quilt center should be 25×29" including seam allowances.