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Painted Petals

Far from a typical flower appliqué quilt, this project uses big prints, abstract floral patterns, and muted, nontraditional colors to make the throw appear as if it were painted. Fabrics are from the Earthtones collection by Norman Wyatt, Jr., for P&B Textiles.


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Assemble Appliquéd Blocks

1. Sew together two blue print A bud pieces along side edges, leaving straight bottom edges unstitched (Diagram 3). Trim seam allowance to 1⁄8". Turn joined pieces right side out and press to make a bud unit. Referring to Diagram 4, fold bud unit in thirds, overlapping side edges. Press to make a blue bud appliqué. Repeat to make four blue bud appliqués total.

2. Fold brown print 13-1⁄2" square in half vertically and horizontally. Lightly press folds to make a foundation square with appliqué placement guidelines; unfold.

3. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, position the following appliqué pieces on a foundation square: one tan print B vine; eight cream leaf print C leaves; four blue print D flowers; four black print E flower centers; and four gold print F pieces. Tuck four blue bud appliqués under F pieces with folded edges facing up. Trim raw ends of bud appliqués to reduce bulk, if desired. Press all pieces in place.

4. Using threads in colors that match the appliqués and working from bottom layer to top, zigzag-stitch around all pieces except bud appliqué; stitch along inner curve of each F piece to secure buds in place.

5. With wreath appliqué centered, trim appliquéd foundation to 12-1⁄2" square, including seam allowances, to make an appliquéd block.