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Over the Moon Throw

The whimsical prints in this kid-size quilt are from David Carter Brown’s Over the Moon collection for Wilmington Prints.


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Assemble Quilt Center

1. Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, lay out all prepared pieces, except for corner triangles, in diagonal rows. Position large and small triangles with their flattened tips (the 1/4"-long edge) running parallel to top and bottom edges of quilt center. This will help you match up pieces and ensure grain line runs in correct direction in finished quilt.

2. To assemble a row, layer first triangle and its adjacent sashing strip with raw edges aligned; sew together (Diagram 12). Press seam toward sashing strip.

3. To add a large diamond, layer it with the sashing strip so the raw edges are aligned but the ends are offset; sides of pieces should meet exactly at 1/4" seam line (Diagram 13). Join pieces and press seam toward sashing strip. Add remaining pieces in same manner to complete row, pressing all seams toward sashing strips. Repeat to sew together pieces in each diagonal row.

4. Join rows; press seams in one direction. Add corner triangles to complete quilt center; press seams toward corner triangles. The quilt center should be 37-1/2x48-1/2" including seam allowances.