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Over the Moon Throw

The whimsical prints in this kid-size quilt are from David Carter Brown’s Over the Moon collection for Wilmington Prints.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

All of the pieces needed for this quilt —including the diamonds and triangles—are rotary-cut. A 6-1/2x24" acrylic ruler marked with 30˚ and 60˚ angles is most helpful when cutting pieces. That size ruler is shown in the diagrams. (Instructions are given for right-handed cutting; if you’re left-handed, reverse diagrams and directions.)

From novelty print No. 1, cut:
3—6-1/2x42" strips

From novelty print No. 2, cut:
5—6-1/2x42" strips

From red-and-cream check, cut:
4—2-1/2x42" strips for sashing
5—1-1/2x42" strips for inner border

From red-and-gold stripe, cut:
10—2-1/2x42" strips for sashing

From blue print, cut:
5—3-1/2x42" strips for outer border

6—2-1/2x42" binding strips {C}