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One-Piece Wonder

Who’d ever guess this playful throw is easily sewn row by row?


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Add Borders 

1.    Cut and piece light green paisley 2×42" strips to make: 

•    2—2×81" inner border strips

•     2—2×66" inner border strips


2.    Cut and piece brown-and-green floral 4-1⁄2×42" strips to make:

•    2—4-1⁄2×81" outer border strips

•    2—4-1⁄2×66" outer border strips


3.    Aligning long edges, join a short inner border strip and a short outer border strip to make a short border unit. Press seam toward outer border strip. Repeat to make a second short border unit.

4.    Repeat Step 3 with long inner border strips and long outer border strips to make two long border units total. 

5.    Aligning midpoints, sew short border units to short edges of quilt center, beginning and ending seams 1⁄4" from quilt center corners. Repeat to add long border units to remaining edges, mitering the corners, to complete quilt top. Press all seams toward border units.