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One-Block Wrap-Up

To re-create this throw, use a variety of prints in similar colors to make one block that is repeated and then rotated to create an interesting design. Fabrics are from the Garden House collection by Jan Patek for Moda Fabrics.


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Assemble D, E, and F Units

1.    Mark an X on the wrong side of two blue print 11-1⁄2" squares and each yellow print 11-1⁄2" square as before. 

2.    Layer a marked yellow print square atop a black print 11-1⁄2" square. Referring to Assemble A, B, and C Units, steps 2 and 3, sew together on each side of drawn lines and cut into eight triangles. Press each triangle open, pressing toward yellow print, to make eight yellow-and-black triangle-squares. 

3.    Repeat Step 2 to make an additional eight yellow-and-black triangle-squares for 16 total (you will use 10). Do not trim.

4.    Using marked blue print squares and red print 11-1⁄2" squares, repeat Step 2 to make 16 blue-and-red triangle-squares (you will use 10). Using remaining marked yellow print squares and remaining blue print 11-1⁄2" squares, repeat Step 2 to make 16 yellow-and-blue triangle-squares (you will use 10). 

5.    Use a pencil to mark a diagonal line on all red print, blue print, and yellow print 5-3⁄8" squares.

6.    Layer a marked yellow print 5-3⁄8" square atop a yellow-and-black triangle-square with marked line perpendicular to seam line of triangle-square (Diagram 6). Sew together 1⁄4" from each side of drawn line. Cut apart on drawn line to make two triangles. Press open triangles to make two D units (Diagram 7). The long diagonal seams will run in opposite directions. Aligning the 2-1⁄4" marks on an acrylic ruler in center of unit, trim each unit to 4-1⁄2" square including seam allowances (Trimming Diagram). Repeat to make 20 D units total.

7.    Using marked red print 5-3⁄8" squares and blue-and-red triangle-squares, repeat Step 6 to make 20 E units (Diagram 8).

8.    Using marked blue print 5-3⁄8" squares and yellow-and-blue triangle-squares, repeat Step 6 to make 20 F units (Diagram 8).