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Six-piece blocks create a sense of movement and dimension in this colorful throw.


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Assemble the Block Corners

The following instructions result in four matching block corners (one set). Repeat the instructions to make a total of 121 sets of block corners--41 pink sets, 48 blue sets, and 32 green sets.

1. Gather four matching pink or fuchsia print B triangles and four matching pink or fuchsia print B triangles in a different print.

2. Layer the B triangles in contrasting pairs, keeping the same print on top in each pair. Chain-piece the layered triangles to make four matching block corners (see Diagram 3). To chain-piece, machine-sew the pairs together one after the other without lifting the presser foot or clipping threads between pairs. Note: Be sure to sew along the same side of each triangle pair so the fabrics will alternate when they are later sewn into a circle. Press the seam allowances toward the darker fabrics.