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Folk Art Floral Wreaths

With a casual folk art style, designer Pat Sloan creates her classic quilt with contemporary methods-fusible appliqué and machine-blanket-stitch.


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Appliqué the Blocks

1. Referring to the Applique Placement Diagram, arrange four green print A wreath pieces and four red stripe B flowers on a cream print 16"-square applique foundation; fuse in place. (Pat prefers fusing these pieces in place before placing other applique pieces on the foundation so they can be used as a guide for spacing.) Add four light gold print C flower centers, eight green print D leaves, eight green print D reversed leaves, 12 green print F flower stamens, and 12 red print E flower buds; fuse in place.

2. Using threads that match the applique fabrics and working from the bottom layer to the top, machine-blanket-stitch the pieces to the foundation to make an appliqued folk wreath block. (Pat used a variegated thread to blanket-stitch the flowers, buds, and flower centers.)

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the remaining applique pieces and cream print 16"-square applique foundations to make a total of four appliqued folk wreath blocks. Note: To ensure the pieces on all four blocks will be in the same places, position the first appliqued block beneath each remaining applique foundation and use it as a placement guide.