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On the Fly - Sue Beevers 10" block

Foundation-pieced dragonflies flit this way and that across this vibrant quilt. Find out more about designer Sue Beevers and her love of fibers, painting, fabric, and quilting.


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Quilt designer: Sue Beevers

The last 30 years of Sue Beevers’ life have been spent immersed in the fiber world, first as a spinner, weaver, and a dyer, and now as a fabric painter and quilter. Learn more about Sue and see some of her quilts and hand-painted fabrics in this slide show.

1-1/3 yards violet blue print (blocks, border)
2/3 yard white floral (blocks)
1 yard dark teal print (blocks)
2/3 yard purple print (blocks)
1 yard light green print (blocks)
3/4 yard dark purple print (blocks)
1 yard periwinkle print (blocks, binding)
1/2 yard lavender print (blocks, binding)
1/4 yard brown paisley (blocks)
1/4 yard each pale purple floral and dark coral print (blocks)
3-1/2 yards backing fabric
63" square batting

Finished quilt: 57" square
Finished block: 10" square

Quantities are for 44/45" wide, 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together, unless otherwise stated.