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Floating Boxes Quilt

For a striking, fresh take on modern quiltmaking, piece together blocks of bright fabric and frame them in a stylish sashing of pieced rectangles. Fabrics are from the Tufted Tweets collection by Laurie Wisbrun and Kona Cotton solids, both from Robert Kaufman.


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Cut Fabrics



Cut pieces in the order that follows in each section. Cut border strips lengthwise (parallel to the selvages). To get the look she desired, designer Jennifer Davis cut many pieces purposely off-grain. If you choose to do this, be careful not to stretch bias edges of pieces when joining pieces.


From assorted medium-scale prints, cut:

  • 20—6-1⁄2" squares

From remaining medium-scale prints and the small-scale prints, cut:

  • 294—2-1⁄2x3-1⁄2" rectangles for sashing

From each assorted solid, cut:

  • 4—3-1⁄2" sashing squares (you will use 30 of the 32 total cut)

From solid white, cut:

  • 2—3-1⁄2x78-1⁄2" border strips
  • 2—3-1⁄2x69-1⁄2" border strips
  • 6—2-1⁄2x15-1⁄2" strips
  • 22—2-1⁄2x14-1⁄2" strips
  • 12—2-1⁄2x13-1⁄2" strips
  • 6—2-1⁄2x11-1⁄2" strips
  • 22—2-1⁄2x10-1⁄2" strips
  • 12—2-1⁄2x9-1⁄2" strips

From solid blue, cut:

  • 8—2-1⁄2x42" binding strips