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Ease into Autumn

This showcase for fall-tone fabrics is fast to cut and quick to piece.


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Add Borders

1.    Cut and piece red print 1-1⁄2 ×42" strips to make:

•    2—1-1⁄2 ×80-1⁄8" inner border strips

•    2—1-1⁄2 ×73-3⁄4" inner border strips


2.    Join long inner border strips to long edges of quilt center. Add short inner border strips to remaining edges. Press all seams toward inner border.


3.    Cut and piece red-and-brown print 8×42" strips to make:

•    2—8×88-3⁄4" outer border strips 

•    2—8×82-1⁄8" outer border strips


4.    Join short outer border strips to long edges of quilt center. Add long outer border strips to remaining edges to complete quilt top. Press all seams toward outer border.


Finish Quilt

1.    Layer quilt top, batting, and backing; baste. 

2.    Quilt as desired. Using brown thread, machine-quilter Debbie Cramer stitched a leaf design across the quilt top.

3.    Bind with red-and-brown print binding strips.