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Classic Blue Heirloom Quilt

Pairing gray with blue instead of white with blue puts a twist on the classic two-color combination. Fussy-cutting an ikat print for the outer border gives the appearance of more intricate piecing without the additional work—perfect when you want to save time but not scrimp on style! Fabrics are from the Heirloom collection by Dear Stella.


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Cut and Assemble Dark Blocks

The following instructions result in one dark block. Repeat cutting and assembly steps to make 12 dark blocks total.

From one assorted medium blue print, cut:
4--—2x6-1/2" rectangles
4—--2x3-1/2" rectangles

1. Referring to Diagram 1, lay out four gray print 2" squares, four medium blue print 2x3-1/2" rectangles, and one gray print 3-1/2" square in three rows.

2. Sew together pieces in each row. Press seams toward medium blue print rectangles. Join rows to make a block center. Press seams away from center row.

3. Sew a gray 2" square to each end of a medium blue print 2x6-1/2" rectangle to make a pieced strip (Diagram 2). Press seam toward medium or dark blue print. Repeat to make a second pieced strip.

4. Add remaining medium blue print 2x6-1/2" rectangles to opposite edges of block center (Diagram 3). Press seams toward medium blue print. Sew pieced strips to remaining edges of block center to make a dark block. Press seams toward pieced strips. The block should be 9-1/2" square including seam allowances.