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Candy Cobblestones

Florals, checks, stripes, and prints dance across the charming throw. Dark pink squares contrast with the subdued candy-stripe sashing rectangles, creating sweet lines between the Nine-Patch blocks set on point.


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Assemble and Add Borders

1. Cut and piece pink stripe 2-1⁄2 ×42" strips to make: 

•    2—2-1⁄2×62-3⁄4" inner border strips

•    2—2-1⁄2 ×47-1⁄4" inner border strips

2. Sew long inner border strips to long edges of quilt center. Join dark pink print 2 -1⁄2" squares to ends of short inner border strips. Press seams toward dark pink squares. Sew pieced short inner border strips to remaining edges. Press all seams toward inner border. 

3. Cut and piece dark pink floral 5-1⁄2 ×42" strips to make: 

•    2—5-1⁄2 ×66-3⁄4" outer border strips

•    2—5-1⁄2 ×51-1⁄4" outer border strips

4. Sew long outer border strips to long edges of quilt center. Join pink stripe 5 -1⁄2" squares to ends of short outer border strips. Press seams toward outer border strips. Sew pieced short outer border strips to remaining edges to complete quilt top. Press all seams toward outer border.


Finish Quilt

1. Layer quilt top, batting, and backing.

2. Quilt as desired. Machine-quilter Lynne Todoroff stitched large circles around each block and small circles in the center square of each block and in each sashing square and triangle. In each block she quilted a circular feather design around the center circle, and she stitched a triangular feather design in each setting triangle. Lynne also stitched an oval and diamond design in the inner border and a large feather design in the outer border. 

3. Use dark pink print binding strips to bind quilt.