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Amber Fields

Arrange 100 Shoo Fly blocks on point to make this rich, autumnal throw.


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Assemble Blocks

1.    For one red Shoo Fly block, gather one matching set of light print squares and one matching set of red print squares.

2.    Use a pencil to mark a diagonal line on wrong side of each light print 2-7⁄8" square.

3.    Layer each marked square atop a red print 2-7⁄8" square. Sew each pair together with two seams, stitching 1⁄4" on each side of drawn line (Diagram 1).

4.    Cut a pair apart on drawn line to make two triangle units (Diagram 1). Open triangle units; press seams toward red print to make two triangle-squares. Each triangle-square should be 2-1⁄2" square including seam allowances. Repeat with remaining pair to make four matching triangle-squares total.

5.    Referring to Diagram 2, sew together triangle-squares, four light print 2-1⁄2" squares, and the red print 2-1⁄2" square in three rows. Press seams away from triangle-squares. Join rows to make a red Shoo Fly block. Press seams in one direction. The block should be 6-1⁄2" square including seam allowances.

6.    Repeat steps 1–5 to make 36 red Shoo Fly blocks total.

7.    Using remaining sets of light print squares and sets of black or brown print squares, repeat steps 1–5 to make 64 black and brown Shoo Fly blocks (Diagram 3).