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Rock Garden Quilt Block

Assemble a 9" Rock Garden block. 

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Download this Project


•  Pink print and blue print scraps


Finished block: 9" square


Cut the Fabrics

Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces.

From pink print, cut: 

•    4 of Pattern A

From blue print, cut:

•    4 each of patterns B and B reversed


Assemble the Block

1. Sew one blue print B piece and one blue print B reversed piece to each of the long side edges of a pink print A piece to create a unit (Piecing Diagram). Press the seam allowances toward the B pieces. Repeat to make a total of four units.

2. Sew together the units in pairs. Press the seam allowances in opposite directions. Then join the pairs to make a block (Block Assembly Diagram). Press the seam allowance in one direction.