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Fool's Puzzle Quilt Block

Assemble a 9" Fool's Puzzle block. 

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Download this Project


•  Light green print, dark green print, and red print scraps


Finished block: 9" square


Cut the Fabrics

Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces.


From light green print, cut: 

•  1 of Pattern A

From dark green print, cut: 

•  1 of Pattern A

•  3 of Pattern B

From red print, cut: 

•  2 of Pattern A

•  1 of Pattern B


Assemble the Block

1. When pinning curved seams, use slender pins and pick up only a few threads at each position. With the dark green print A piece on top and right sides together, match the center mark on the curved edge of the A piece with the center mark on one curved edge of the red print B piece (Diagram 1). After pinning the center of the seam, pin each end; then pin generously in between (Diagram 2).

2. Sew together the pieces, removing each pin just before the needle reaches it, to make a unit. Press the seam allowance toward the red print piece. Repeat to make two units with red print A pieces and dark green print B pieces and one unit with a light green print A piece and a dark green print B piece.

3. Sew together the units in pairs (Diagram 3). Press the seam allowances in opposite directions. Then join the pairs to make a block (Block Assembly Diagram). Press the seam allowance in one direction.