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Quilt Blocks

Search our quilt block library of more than 50 free quilt block patterns, including easy pieced blocks and appliqué designs. Find common quilt blocks, like a Log Cabin quilt block and a Pinwheel quilt block. Or discover new quilt block patterns that range in size from 4 to 18 inches. Once you choose a quilt block, add it to your next quilt or make a small project like a mini quilt or mug rug from it.

4" blocks

Assemble a 4" snowball block.
Assemble a 4" Fox and Geese block.

8" blocks

Assemble an 8" Timber Trees block. 
Assemble an 8" Ohio Star block. 

10" blocks

Assemble a 10" Basket in a Basket block. 
Assemble a 10" Wreath of Roses block.

12" blocks

Assemble a 12" Windblown block. 
Assemble a 12" Pinwheel Star block. 

6" blocks

Assemble a 6" Song of Praise block. 
Assemble a 6" May Basket block.

9" blocks

Assemble a 9" Shooting Pinwheel block. 
Assemble a 9" Rock Garden block. 

miscellaneous-size blocks

Assemble a 15" Strawberry Swirl block. 
Assemble a 16" Scrap Boxes block.