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Pieced Pinwheels

Don't stop with the quilt! Give your bedroom a makeover with this pieced ensemble, including a pillow sham, bedskirt, and valance.
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Pinwheels Bedskirt, Part 2

7. Fold up 1/2" on a short edge of each muslin 5x16" rectangle; press. Fold up another 1/2"; press. Topstitch the hems in place to make a total of three pleat rectangles.

8. With the hemmed edges aligned at the bottom, sew two side panels to the long edges of a pleat rectangle (see Diagram 8). Press the seam allowances toward the pleat rectangle.

9. Referring to Diagram 9, pleat the pleat rectangle, bringing the side panels together. Baste in place at the top and bottom.

10. Fold under 1" on the short raw ends of the side panels; press. Fold under another 1"; press. Topstitch the hems in place to complete a bed skirt side unit.

11. Repeat steps 2 through 4 with the remaining side panels and a pleat rectangle to make a second bed skirt side unit. Repeat again with the foot panels and remaining pleat rectangle to make the bed skirt foot unit.

12. Fold under 1/2" on one short end of the muslin 62-1/2x83" rectangle; press. Fold under another 1/2"; press. Topstitch the hem in place.

13. Referring to the Bedskirt Assembly Diagram (see Diagram 10) for placement and using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew the foot unit to the unfinished short edge of the muslin 62-1/2x83" rectangle. Then join the side units to the long edges of the muslin rectangle.

14. Fold a muslin 5x7" rectangle in half lengthwise with the right side inside (see Diagram 12). Along the long raw edges measure 1-1/2" up from the short edges. Sew the raw edges together from the opposite short edges to this mark, then sew from this mark to the folded edge to create a point. Trim the seam allowance along the diagonal seam. Turn right side out. Repeat with the remaining muslin 5x7" rectangles. Move the seams to the center back and press to make three tabs (see Diagram 13).

15. Trim each tab to measure 3-1/2". Fold under the raw edges 1/2"; press. Topstitch a tab over each bedskirt pleat (see Diagram 12). Sew the buttons to the tabs, stitching through all layers, to complete the bedskirt.