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Pieced Pinwheels

Don't stop with the quilt! Give your bedroom a makeover with this pieced ensemble, including a pillow sham, bedskirt, and valance.
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Pinwheels Bedskirt, Part 1

Materials for Bedskirt
3-1/4 yards of 90"-wide muslin or 6-1/2 yards of 44/45"-wide muslin for side panels, foot panels, and center panel 6--1/3-yard pieces of assorted bright prints for triangle-squares and borders
3--1/2"-diameter pink buttons

Finished bedskirt: Fits a queen-size bed with a 14-1/2" drop

Cut the Fabrics
From muslin, cut:
1--62-1/2x83" rectangle for center panel
4--43x10-3/4" rectangles
4--43x5-1/4" rectangles
2--33x10-3/4" rectangles
2--33x5-1/4" rectangles
3--5x16" rectangles
3--5x7" rectangles
From assorted bright prints, cut:
10--3-3/8x42" strips
8--1-1/2x43" strips
4--1-1/2x33" strips

Assemble Bedskirt
1. Sort the 3-3/8x42" bright print strips into pairs. Referring to instructions for Pinwheels Quilt, Assemble the Blocks, steps 1 and 2, layer each pair; from each layered pair, make 19 triangle-squares. (You will have 1 triangle-square left over.)

2. Sew together 17 triangle-squares in a row. The pieced row should measure 3x43", including the seam allowances. Sew two different bright print 1-1/2x43" strips to the long edges of the pieced row. Press the seam allowances toward the bright print strips.

3. Sew together a muslin 43x10-3/4" rectangle, the pieced Step 2 unit, and a muslin 43x5-1/4" rectangle to make a side panel. Press the seam allowances toward the muslin rectangles.

4. Referring to Diagram 6, press under 1/2" along the long raw edge of the muslin 43x5-1/4" rectangle. Fold the muslin rectangle to the back side of the pieced Step 2 unit (see Diagram 7); blind-hem stitch in place to hem the side panel.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to make a total of four hemmed side panels.

6. In the same manner, use 13 triangle-squares, two different bright print 1-1/2x33" strips, a muslin 33x10-3/4" rectangle, and a muslin 33x5-1/4" rectangle to make a hemmed foot panel. Repeat to make a second hemmed foot panel.