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Pastel Delectable Mountains

A beautiful fabric collection in crisp, cool colors inspired designer Mabeth Oxenreider to create an exquisite bed quilt and matching ensemble of pillows.

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Cut and Assemble Pink Floral Pillow


From pink floral, cut:
1--16-1/2" square for pillow top
2--16-1/2x20-1/2" rectangles for pillow back


1. Layer the pink floral 16-1/2" square, batting, and a muslin 20" square. Quilt as desired. Trim the batting and lining even with the pillow top edges.

2. Refer to Cut and Assemble the Delectable Mountains Pillow, Step 3, and use the pink floral 16-1/2x20-1/2" rectangles to make the pillow back.

3. With the wrong sides together, layer the pillow top and the pillow back; sew together to make a pillow cover. Turn right sides out. Insert the pillow form through the opening to complete the pillow.