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Pastel Delectable Mountains

A beautiful fabric collection in crisp, cool colors inspired designer Mabeth Oxenreider to create an exquisite bed quilt and matching ensemble of pillows.

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Cut and Assemble Striped Pillow



To make the concentric stripes appear on your pillow top, it's necessary to create a template that can be aligned with the long edge parallel to the selvage, then fussy-cut with the point of the template and the orientation of the stripes at the same spot each time. To make sure your template is aligned for cutting exactly the same each time, mark lines on the template's right side and use those lines as guides.


From template plastic, cut:
1--12-3/16" square, cutting it in half diagonally for a total of 2 triangle templates
From multicolor stripe, cut:
4 triangles using a triangle template (see notes above for fussy cutting)
2--16-1/2x20-1/2" rectangles for pillow back

1. Lay out the four multicolor stripe triangles in pairs; sew together. Press the seam allowances in opposite directions. Then join the pairs to make the pillow top.

2. Refer to Cut and Assemble the Delectable Mountains Pillow, Step 2, to layer and quilt the pillow top as desired.

3. Refer to Cut and Assemble the Delectable Mountains Pillow, Step 3, and use the multicolor stripe 16-1/2x20-1/2" rectangles to make the pillow back.

4. With wrong sides together, layer the pillow top and the pillow back; sew together to make a pillow cover. Turn right sides out. Insert the pillow form through the opening to complete the pillow.