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Green Pinwheels

A pretty paisley print surrounds a center of pinwheels framed with foundation-pieced sashing. Try this variety of piecing techniques to learn something new or simply improve your repertoire.


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Assemble Sashing Units

1.  Photocopy, print, or trace Sashing Unit Foundation Pattern 24 times onto lightweight tracing paper, tracing all lines and numbers. Cut out on outer dashed lines to make foundation papers.

2.  For one sashing unit, you’ll need three dark green print 2-1⁄4×2-3⁄4" rectangles and six solid ivory 1-1⁄2×3" rectangles.

3.  Right sides together, place a dark green print 2-1⁄4×2-3⁄4" rectangle atop a solid ivory 1-1⁄2×3" rectangle, aligning edges. Put a foundation paper on top of dark green print piece, positioning fabric pieces underneath area 1 (Diagram 6). The fabric pieces’ edges should be a scant 1⁄4" beyond first stitching line (line between areas 1 and 2). To check placement, pin through all layers on first stitching line and flip solid ivory piece open. It should completely cover area 2 and extend at least 1⁄4" on all sides. If it doesn’t, reposition pieces and check again.

4.  Using short stitch length and with foundation paper on top, sew on first stitching line through all layers.

5.  Trim seam allowance to 1⁄4" and press solid ivory piece open. Trim fabric pieces to scant 1⁄4" beyond adjacent stitching lines and even with edges of foundation paper (Diagram 7).

6.  Right sides together, position a solid ivory 1-1⁄2×3" rectangle under trimmed dark green print piece with one long edge 1⁄4" beyond second stitching line (line between areas 2 and 3). Sew on second stitching line (Diagram 8).

7.  Trim seam allowances to scant 1⁄4". Press solid ivory piece open and trim to scant 1⁄4" beyond adjacent stitching lines and even with edges of foundation paper (Diagram 9).

8.  Continue adding pieces in numerical order, trimming and pressing after each addition. Trim all fabric pieces even with edges of foundation paper. With blunt edge of seam ripper, remove foundation paper to complete a pieced sashing unit. The unit should be 2×6-1⁄2" including seam allowances.

9.  Repeat steps 2 through 8 to make 24 pieced sashing units total.