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Free T-Shirt Quilt Patterns

T-shirt quilts make great handmade graduation gifts and bed quilts for a child. Perfect for preserving special T-shirts or using up old wearables, these quilts are easy and memorable!

Classic T-Shirt Quilt

Create a keepsake by turning your child’s favorite T-shirts—from schools, sports teams, and extracurricular activities—into a memory-filled quilt.

Get the free quilt pattern here.


Black-and-White T-Shirt Quilt

Unite T-shirts that have a variety of themes and colors with a simple black-and-white background. An assortment of prints lends contrast and movement for a fun quilt that showcases memories.

Get the free quilt pattern here.

Secrets to Sewing T-Shirt Quilts

Here are six tips to make your next t-shirt quilt easier.

Beachy T-Shirt Quilt

Life’s a beach with this sand castle-inspired T-shirt throw. A muted background of tone-on-tone tans and ocean blues lets the summer-theme shirts shine in the sun.

Get the free quilt pattern here.


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