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Country Winter

Simply sewn, strip-piecing brings this cozy bed-size quilt together quickly.
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Winterland Retreat Pillow

Materials for Pillow
8-1/2" square of green print for pillow top
1 yard of green plaid for pillow top and pillow back
1/4 yard of red print No. 1 for pillow top
1 yard of red print No. 2 for ruffle
18"-square pillow form

Finished pillow (without ruffle): 18" square

Cut Fabrics
From green plaid, cut:
2--18-1/2x22" rectangles
4--4x8-1/2" rectangles
4--4" squares
From red print No. 1, cut:
2--2x18-1/2" rectangles
(2) 2x8-1/2" rectangles
(4) 2x4" rectangles
From red print No. 2, cut:
(5) 6-1/2x42" strips

Assemble the Pillow
1. Referring to the Pillow Top Assembly Diagram for placement, lay out the green print 8-1/2" square, the four green plaid 4x8-1/2" rectangles, the four green plaid 4" squares, the two red print 2x18-1/2" rectangles, the two red print 2x8-1/2" rectangles, and the four red print 2x4" rectangles in five horizontal rows.

2. Sew together the pieces in each row. Press the seam allowances toward the red print rectangles. Then join the rows to complete the pillow top. Press the seam allowances in one direction. The pieced pillow top should measure 18-1/2" square, including the seam allowances.

3. Using bias seams, sew together the red print 6-1/2x42" strips to make one continuous ruffle strip. With the wrong side inside, fold the ruffle strip in half lengthwise; press. Divide the ruffle strip into four equal segments; mark with safety pins.

4. Position a heavyweight thread (or two strands of regular-weight sewing thread) 1/4" from the raw edge of the folded ruffle strip. (You'll need a length of thread at least three times the circumference of the pillow.) Stitch across one end of the thread to secure it. Then zigzag-stitch over the thread all the way around the ruffle, taking care not to sew through the thread (see Diagram 11).

5. Pin the ruffle to the right side of the pillow top, matching raw edges; match the ruffle's marks to the corners of the pillow. Pull the thread to gather the ruffle into an even fit; gather a little extra ruffle at each corner for a full look. Join the ruffle to the pillow top.

6. With wrong sides inside, fold each of the two green plaid 18-1/2x22" rectangles in half to form two 11x18-1/2" double-thick pillow back pieces.

7. Overlap the two folded edges by about 4" (see Diagram 12); stitch the pieces in place, sewing across the folds, to create a single pillow back.

8. Layer the pillow back and the pillow top with the ruffle inside; pin. Sew together to make the pillow cover. Trim the pillow back and corner seam allowances if needed. Turn the pillow cover right side out and fluff up the ruffle. Insert the pillow form through the back opening to complete the pillow.