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Country Winter

Simply sewn, strip-piecing brings this cozy bed-size quilt together quickly.


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Cut the Fabrics

To make the best use of your fabrics, cut the pieces in the order that follows.

From red print No. 1, cut:
8--4-1/2x42" strips
10--2-3/4x42" binding strips
8--2-1/2x42" strips
56--4-1/2" squares
From gold print, cut:
16--2-1/2x42" strips
From green print, cut:
4--4-1/2x42" strips
20--2-1/2x42" strips
From beige print, cut:
7--4-1/2x42" strips
12--2-1/2x42" strips
From red print No. 2, cut:
11--6-1/2x42" strips for border




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