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Budding Beauty

A soft, buttery yellow teamed with solid white in this bed-size quilt provides the perfect background for the bright '30s print appliqués.


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Prepare Appliqués

Click on "Download the Project" above for Bud Pattern. Designer Linda Hohag uses a starch method for appliquéing. The instructions that follow are for this technique. 


1.    Place heat-resistant template plastic over Bud Pattern. Using a pencil, trace pattern onto plastic (Diagram 1). Cut out on drawn lines to make a bud template.

2.    Place bud template on wrong side of a 1930s print fabric. Cut out bud appliqué piece, adding a 1⁄4" seam allowance to edges (Diagram 2). If desired, trim across points to reduce bulk.

3.    Spray or pour a small amount of starch into a dish. Place template-topped fabric on a pressing surface covered with a tea towel or muslin. Dip a cotton swab in starch and moisten seam allowance of appliqué piece (Diagram 3).

4.    Use tip of a hot, dry iron to turn seam allowance over edge of template; press it in place until fabric is dry (Diagram 4). Press entire seam allowance, adding starch as necessary and ensuring fabric is pressed taut against appliqué template.

5.    Turn template and appliqué piece over. Press appliqué from right side, then remove template.

6.    Repeat steps 2 through 5 to prepare each bud appliqué.

7.    Turn under a scant 1⁄4" on each long edge of the solid green 3⁄4 ×4" stem strips. Press, starching if desired.