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Between the Lines

Whether you love retro or have fond memories of sleeping under a 1930s quilt, you’ll adore this cheerful row quilt. Strip-piecing makes assembly easy!


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Assemble Blocks

The following instructions result in one set of five matching Nine-Patch blocks composed of solid white and one 1930s print. Repeat instructions to make 23 sets (115 blocks) total. (You will use 112 blocks for quilt top.)


1.    Join two 1930s print 2×21" strips and one solid white 2×21" strip to make strip set A (Diagram 1). Press seams toward 1930s prints. Cut strip set into ten 2"-wide A segments.

2.    Sew together two solid white 2×11" strips and one 1930s print 2×11" strip to make strip set B (Diagram 2). Press seams toward 1930s print. Cut strip set into five 2"-wide B segments.

3.    Referring to Diagram 3, join two A segments and one B segment to make a Nine-Patch block. Press seams in one direction. The block should be 5" square including seam allowances.

4.    Repeat Step 3 to make five matching Nine-Patch blocks total.