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Vintage-Inspired Crib Quilt

Make this crib quilt in no time by using quick strip piecing and rotary cutting techniques.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the order that follows.

From assorted pink prints, cut:
260 -- 1-1/2-inch squares (65 sets of four matching squares)

From solid turquoise, cut:
65 -- 2-1/2-inch squares
64 -- 1-1/2-inch squares

From green print, cut:
4 -- 2-1/2x42-inch binding strips
5 -- 2-1/2x42-inch strips
60 -- 2-1/2-inch squares

From pink floral, cut:
5 -- 2-1/2x42-inch strips

From solid brown, cut:
16 -- 2-1/2-inch squares

From pink plaid, cut:
24 -- 2-1/2x10-1/2-inch sashing rectangles