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Ribbon and Rickrack Baby Toys

Combine crafts felt, rickrack, and ribbon to make a set of baby toys.


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Assemble Blue Toy

1. Mark Pattern C slit cutting line on right side of one blue felt C shape. Layer blue felt C shapes with wrong sides together and edges aligned.

2. Referring to Assemble Green Toy, Step 2, make a loop with remaining ribbon or rickrack piece. Referring to Diagram 4, pin loop in place between C shapes. Using short machine straight stitches, sew through all layers 1/4" from edges of C shapes.

3. Referring to Assemble Green Toy, Step 4, cut a slit in marked C shape; stuff with fiberfill and whipstitch opening closed. Using brown thread, tack-stitch brown felt D rectangle over opening seam to complete blue toy (Diagram 5).