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Ribbon and Rickrack Baby Toys

Combine crafts felt, rickrack, and ribbon to make a set of baby toys.


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Assemble Green Toy

1. Mark Pattern A slit cutting line on right side of a green felt A circle. Layer green felt A circles with wrong sides together and edges aligned.

2. Fold a 3"-long assorted ribbon or rickrack piece in half with wrong side inside to make a loop. Tuck raw ends of loop at least 3/8" inside layered A circles (Diagram 1). Pin loop in place.

3. Repeat to pin 12 loops total between layered A circles. Using short machine straight stitches, sew through all layers 1/4" from edges of A circles (Diagram 2).

4. Carefully cut along slit cutting line on marked green felt A circle only; do not cut through unmarked circle. Stuff firmly with fiberfill through opening, using the eraser end of a pencil to push filling against edges. Whipstitch opening closed.

5. Referring to Diagram 3, arrange pink felt B star over opening seam; pin in place. Using pink thread, tack-stitch around edges of star to complete green toy. To tack-stitch, pull needle up at A (Tack Stitch Diagram). Push it down at B, and bring it up at C. Continue in same manner around entire shape.



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