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Hearts & Flowers Appliqué Quilt

Fusible web makes this appliqué project a fast and easy one to complete. Choose vibrant colors and sassy prints to make it an eye-catching addition to your decor.

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Daisy Pillow

Materials for Daisy Pillow
Scraps of assorted bright prints for appliqués and appliqué foundations
9x22" piece (fat eighth) of apricot print for inner border
1/2 yard of orange print for outer border and pillow back
9x22" piece (fat eighth) of lime green print for binding
22" square of muslin for lining
22" square of quilt batting
16" square pillow form

Finished pillow: 16" square

Cut the Fabrics
From assorted bright prints, cut:
4 -- 6-1/2" squares for appliqué foundations
4 of Pattern C
28 of Pattern D

From apricot print, cut:
2 -- 1x13-1/2" inner border strips
2 -- 1x12-1/2" inner border strips

From orange print, cut:
2 -- 16-1/2x20-1/2" rectangles
2 -- 2x16-1/2" outer border strips
2 -- 2x13-1/2" outer border strips

From lime green print
3 -- 2-1/2x22" binding strips

Make Pillow
Referring to photograph, appliqué each bright print 6-1/2" square foundation with a daisy flower and center. Appliqué the orange print outer border strips with daisy centers. Referring to the directions for Tic-Tac-Toe pillow, sew together the four appliquéd foundations and add the borders. Referring to the directions for Tic-Tac-Toe pillow, quilt the pillow top, sew to the pillow back, and bind.