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In Phoenix, mother-daughter team Darleen and Tori Ros created a bold, beautiful shop that feeds quilters’ passions.

Creating Excitement

Draping fabrics off the bolts means more opportunities for quitters to touch the dazzling array. “If you love fabric, your instinct is to touch it,” Darleen says. Generously spaced tables make it easy for customers to maneuver.

Meet the Staff

Front (from left): Erinn Kennedy, Darleen Ros, Tori Ros; middle (from left): Susan Sochacki, Pat Liesegang, Dawn Pedersen, Susan Taubel, Renee Miller, Wendy Singleton, Peter Ros; back (from left): Sharron Meyer, Todd Ros, Kelly Callaway, Karen Petry, LeAnn Davis, and Sharyn Stewart. Not pictured: Donna O’Mara and Mary Smaistrla.

Divine Displays

Displays use decorative items and wall hangings for whimsical touches. “We feature lots of novelty fabrics,” Darleen says. “Batiks are popular, and tourists love fabrics that reflect the Southwest.” 

Reading for Inspiration

Darleen offers a cozy table and chairs near the book display for her customers to peruse the selection and gain inspiration. “Quilters enjoy quilt books in the same way cooks enjoy cookbooks,” she says. “They may not use every recipe or pattern, but they get vicarious pleasure and inspiration from reading them.”

Under the Umbrella

This fun display houses the bright prints and solids for which Darleen and Tori’s shop is known. The spacious and cheerful interior provides a happy experience for Southwestern quilters.

Made for Baby

A mix of cottons and plush fabrics are displayed using soft, pastel colors, highlighting the simple, but sweet baby area.   

Mother-Daughter Fun

This whimsical display of bright prints and creative projects will no doubt inspire a day or two of garmet sewing. 

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