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Quilter’s Station

After 14 years, a Missouri quilt shop finally found a place where it feels at home.

  • Finally Home

    After four moves, Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, found a permanent home in a new strip mall. Owner Rita Briner designed the layout herself, making sure that there was plenty of space for browsing -- something her other stores didn’t have -- and twice the lighting of her previous shops.
  • Meet the Staff

    Front row, from left: Kathy Currie, Sherry Cooper, Rita Briner (owner), Becky McDowell, and Karlene Copper; back row: Joan Brown, Mary Andrews, Karen Kriens, Jane Miller, and Kim Bowlin.
  • Haunted Designs

    Rita sometimes spends hours after the shop closes making samples for displays. The Needlework and Pumpkin Quilt by Renée Nanneman serves as the backdrop for other Halloween crafts.
  • Black is Back

    Rita’s favorite color fabric is black because it makes other colors in a quilt pop. She carries a wide selection of black fabrics, and used them to craft a toile strip quilt that is a Quilter’s Station design.
  • Primitive Pumpkins

    Owner Rita Briner designed Primitive Pumpkins for Quilt Sampler® Fall/Winter 2011 magazine.
  • Machine-Quilting Details

    Machine-quilter Beth Kurzava outline-quilted close to the appliqué edges and stitched acorn and leaf designs in the remaining areas of the quilt center. She added two curved lines inside each edge of the inner border squares and quilted oak leaves in the outer border.

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