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The Olde World Quilt Shoppe

Warmth, familiarity, and many of the comforts of home and family is what quilt shop owners Dee Grantham and Whitney Erickson give their customers at their Phoenix, Arizona, quilting oasis.

Feels Like Home

The warmth of home envelops customers as they enter The Olde World Quilt Shoppe in Phoenix, Arizona. “We included warm floors, granite countertops, a four-poster bed, and a fireplace with a mantel so people would feel as comfortable here as they do in their own houses,” Dee Grantham says. A 10-foot-long antique table—the centerpiece of the shop—is ideal for spreading out a project or sampling fabrics for a quilt.

Meet the Staff

From left: Joellen Corrao, Whitney Erickson (co-owner), Jordan Grantham, Dee Grantham (co-owner), and Cheryl Miller.

Intricate Interior

Rich wood shelving gives this shop a soothing backdrop and complements the selection of plaids, stripes, cottons, wools, flannels, and velvet fabrics that Dee Grantham and Whitney Erickson love.

Widespread Inspiration

Dee Grantham and Whitney Erickson make a point to showcase the work of the many talented Phoenix designers. Some of their customers come from as far as Germany.

Family Affair

Sister’s Choice blocks set on point compose a comforting quilt.

A Fan of Feather Stitching

In Family Affair, a machine-quilted feather wreath adorns the tan tone-on-tone squares where the blocks intersect, and a feather pattern is stitched in each remaining tan tone-on-tone squares. More feather designs accent each setting and corner triangle and each border.

Family Affair Color Option

The traditional Sister’s Choice block can look totally different based on fabric choices. Florals, paisleys, and swirls abound in this eight-block version of Family Affair. Using 3 Sisters’ Aster Manor collection for Moda Fabrics results in vintage chic.

More Than Fabric

Regular customers enjoy the shop’s long-arm quilting services. “People make quilts as special gifts that create memories,” Dee says. “I hadn’t anticipated the bond we’d have with people and how rewarding it is.”

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