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Neff’s Country Loft

Laughter, camaraderie, and an ever-expanding inventory provide comfort to all who enter Beverly Neff’s shop nestled in the scenic Ohio River Valley.

Down-Home Dry Goods

Before customers even step inside, treasures and displays outside the shop alert guests that they’re in for a treat.

Meet the Staff

Seated: Beverly Neff (owner); back (from left): Cindy Neff, Karen Pugh, Sue Barnhart, and Carolyn Brizendine.

Old-Fashioned Country Store

Beverly Neff describes her Belpre, Ohio quilt shop as an “old-fashioned country store.” Jam-packed with fabrics, pottery, artwork, candies, spices, teas, and gourmet foods, Beverly treats her shop as an extension of her home.

Looking from the Loft

The second-story loft provides a perfect perch from which to survey the shop’s main room filled with gifts, collectibles, and home decor items.

Calm and Comfortable

Nature’s bright colors are showcased in this owl quilt on display in Beverly’s homey, comfortable shop.

Choose from an Array

A rich array of hand-dyed wools means many to choose from for projects such as the Liberty wall hanging by Margo White or the patriotic star purse by Julie King for Country Road Designs.

Earthy Collection

Earthy colors inspire Beverly’s collections, many of which she arranges in vignettes. “I want customers to visualize the items in their homes,” she says.

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