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The Little Wool Shoppe

A small shop in Windsor, Colorado, enlivens the creative spirits of all who enter. Connie and Chuck Huddleson located their shop in a 100-year-old building, once surviving a tornado that tore through the community.

A Creative Haven

This late-1800s building houses both the shop (main level) and pattern business (upper level). When renovating the space the couple pulled up the carpet and let the floors lead the way. “Owning the Little Wool Shoppe is just a dream for the decorator in me,” Connie says.

Meet the Staff

From left: Katie Graves, Charles R. Huddleson (co-owner), Connie Huddleson (co-owner), Carrie Jones, Bonnie Condon, Lynette DeBrey-Cota, Audrey Owens, Candy Smeltzer, Savannah Jones (granddaughter), Geniel T. Siggard, Yvonne Unrein, Dian Opperman Huss, and Michelle Tucker

Vintage Flair

The original wood flooring makes the vibrant prints and solids pop. Vintage dressers throughout the shop house project samples giving inspiration from the shops early days.

Focus on Fabrics

Wool is the focus fabric at The Little Wool Shoppe, but more than 1,500 bolts of traditional cotton quilting fabrics, patterns, and threads are also housed in the shop’s high walls. This provides a perfect backdrop for many samples and kits that fill the stores interior.

Chalk It Up

In the shop’s hallway, enormous blackboards offer the perfect spot to display small projects, with descriptions of the pieces written in chalk next to each one. It’s a great way for Connie to showcase and celebrate the seasons.

Use Your Imagination

Many one-of-a-kind items, such as this wool-embellished sunflower chest, are on display throughout the store. “I want to encourage women to do things they think are out of their reach,” Connie says. “I remind them that each of us is a designer in some way.”

Can’t Seem to Get Enough

Customers can’t seem to get enough of bag patterns. In response, Connie adapted a block from another of her Starry Pines patterns to create the Flower Bouquet Purse (bottom). “Being a part of this network of people who love making things is so rewarding,” Connie says.

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