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Heritage Designs

Enthusiasm for quilting—past and present—runs rampant inside an unassuming Iowa shop situated in an 1895 granary.

Meet the Staff

From left: Jane Bazyn, Chris Davies (owner), Cynthia Johnson, Jean Sweat, Mary Ann Robbins, Judy Rohret, and Judy Blum.

Inside the Granary

Shop owner Chris Davies make a point of featuring regional designers in her shop. “I work hard to make sure my customers find things here they won’t find other places,” she says.

Keeping History Alive

If visitors look past the beautiful array of fabrics and samples, they’ll see many of the granary’s original elements are intact, including hand-planed beams and posts.

Decorative Displays

With two entrances, opportunities are abound for creative displays, such as this Christmas-theme assortment.

Keeping Nostalgia

An antique desk holds lessons of a different sort—samples for a table runner and a little girl’s dress, all made with 1930s prints.

Staying True to Roots

“I feel like I’m living a part of the American dream, going to work every day and pursuing something that brings me such joy,” Chris says. “The world abounds with talented people, and I gather a lot of inspiration by surrounding myself with them.”

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