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Tour Pam Buda's Home

Designer Pam Buda’s prairie-style fabrics and quilt patterns have their roots in ordinary pioneer women. Tour her home and sewing studio, where Pam is creating her own place in quilting history while paying homage to those who have come before her. 

  • Meet Pam

    Designer Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts relies on her intuition, antique collections, and experience to produce traditional quilt and fabric designs.


  • Furniture Revamp

    The depth of shelves on an old baby’s changing table is perfectly suited for stacking quilts. Hanging in the cupboard is a purchased quilt from a folk art show.


    Patterns shown:

    Left: Nines in Blue quilt

    Draped at front: Finger Paint

  • Low-Cost Displays

    A glass-front biscuit box displays little quilts. Pam found the mini nightstand behind it at a tag sale for $10. "Antiques don’t have to cost a lot to look cute," she says.


    Patterns shown:

    Left: Emma’s Sewing Basket

    Right, in drawer: Colonial Patches

  • Stylish Coverup

    A small quilt hides Pam’s TV, which sits on an antique thread cabinet in her sewing room.


    Patterns shown:

    Hanging: Pleasant Prairie

    Pincushion: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine bonus project

  • Antique Samplers

    An antique sampler hangs on the wall in Pam's living room. Pam looks for schoolgirls’ embroidered samplers that include the alphabet, the maker’s name and date, and often a memorable saying. A house makes the sampler extra enticing.


    Patterns shown:

    On table, left: Sweet Rosie quilt

    On table, right: Tin Pinkeep Pincushion Pattern/Kit and Blooming Hexagon Pincushion/Kit

  • Ads Across Ages

    Old advertising crates are good for style and storage. A small quilt and a needle-punch pillow soften this arrangement.


    Patterns shown:

    On crate: Four Around Nine

  • Kitchen Display

    Balls of cotton strips and a small cross-stitched sampler stir up visions from the past. The dough bowl is prized for its original blue paint.


    Pattern shown:

    On the table: Seneca Falls

    Pincushion in bowl: Blooming Patchwork Pinkeep


  • Smart Book Shelves

    Pam’s brother Jack built shelves along the sewing room ceiling, which leaves more room for a design wall.

  • Beautiful Embroidery

    This antique sampler is still in its original hoop. The maker wrapped cotton around the inside frame to make up for a missing tension screw and an outside ring that expanded over time.

  • Treenware Collection

    A spongeware bowl serves up useful treenware utensils, including a butter paddle, strainer, and chopper.

  • Heartfelt Utensil

    This heart-shape chopper is rare and highly collectible.