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Tour Bonnie and Camille's Sewing Studios

For the mother-daughter design team of Bonnie and Camille, quilting is a family affair that spans generations. Get a look inside their beautiful homes and sewing spaces!

  • Meet Bonnie and Camille

    Although they live a few states apart, Bonnie, right, and Camille, left, get together periodically to work on their collections and they Facetime every day.

    Visit Bonnie's website.

    Visit Camille's website.

  • Secret Storage

    Bonnie's inspiration board also serves as creative storage. A shelf and magnetic board underneath allow extra space for ribbon, buttons, and more.

  • Pretty Precuts

    Precut jelly rolls and mini charms of Bonnie and Camile collections decorate a hutch along with a sewing machine. Fellow Moda designer Stephanie Ryan painted the piece above the hutch and sent it to Bonnie when she was going through treatment for breast cancer.

  • Sew on the Go

    Bonnie displays her Sew on the Go bag on the top of her fabric shelf.

    Buy this pattern here.

  • Fabric Collections

    Both Bonnie and Camille decorate their sewing rooms with precut bundles of each of their fabric collections.

  • Mini Madness

    Camille makes a mini version of many of her own patterns, plus she also puts up some minis people have given her (the koala bear is from a teaching trip to Australia).

  • Meaningful Displays

    Camille fills in the shelves of her fabric with fun mementos, such as a vintage sewing machine and pictures of her family.

  • Inspiration Station

    Here's a closeup of Camille's inspiration wall and some of her in-progress patterns. She designs quilts on the computer, then tweaks measurements and colors.

  • Stacks of Quilts

    Camille mixes stacks of quilts with books, pictures, and other decor in her master bedroom. The Thimble Blossoms pattern Niner is on the chair.

    Buy this pattern here.

  • Guest Bedroom

    Another stack of quilts sits on the bed in the upstairs guest bedroom for a cozy welcome.