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Behind the Scenes with Julie Hendricksen

History repeats itself at the talented hands of collector, designer, and shop owner Julie Hendricksen as she inspires others to re-create and enjoy vintage stitchery.
  • A Multiple Talent

    As a quilt shop owner, lecturer, and designer, Julie holds a unique position to share her love of antique quilts with others.

  • A Passion for the Past

    With a private collection of antique quilts numbering upwards of 200, Julie often can’t resist the lure of an intriguing find with a memorable design, interesting colors, and many different fabrics.

  • Showing Off

    Julie encourages aspiring quilt collectors to display their finds. Log Cabins, Ocean Waves, Pinwheels, and basket and star quilts are everywhere in her home.

  • Out on Display

    If you can put something in it, on it, or under it, Julie’s filled it, draped it, or propped it up with a quilt.

    Vintage quilts in Julie’s collection are rolled, folded, or hung flat on the wall. Here, a basket of quilts and two Irish Chain quilts on a drying rack add a cozy touch to a bedroom corner.

  • Flea Market Find

    A $25 Irish Chain quilt found padding furniture at a flea market graces the foot of Julie’s iron bed. Neutral tones throughout the house accentuate her collection.

  • The Little Things

    Julie’s love of vintage goes beyond quilts. Here, a stash of miniature quilts, clothespins and an iron represent her passion for antiques.

  • Years of Collecting

    Although the first quilt in Julie’s collection was an appliquéd Sunbonnet Sue, most of her quilts are pieced. Shown top to bottom are Thousand Pyramids, Wedding Ring, and Martha Washington Star.

  • Take Care

    “I don’t think the quilts I’m buying are necessarily museum-quality pieces,” Julie explains, “but I’m not careless with them.” She rarely cleans an antique quilt, although if it is extremely dirty, she soaks it in the washing machine without agitation in mild, quilt-friendly soap. If they’re on beds, they’re folded back at night.

  • A Word of Advice

    Julie’s best advice for novice collectors? Go ahead and get started. First and foremost, she says, “Just buy quilts you love; then use them every day. They will add so much warmth to your home.”